Runic Chain: Bitcoin Layer 2 offers an advanced and robust ecosystem to maximize Bitcoin potential

Runic Chain is a revolutionary Layer 2 project on the Bitcoin chain with a visionary mission to transform the usage and management of Bitcoin and other assets through the implementation of the Runes Protocol

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Runic Chain's Solution

Enhanced Security and Transparency

The integration of Runic as an application layer enhances the overall security of in-app economies and digital assets, creating a tamper-proof environment that instills trust and minimizes the risk of fraud

Improved Scalability with Runes Protocol

Runic Chain utilizes the innovative Runes protocol, enabling tokenization of Bitcoin on an alternative network. This integration enhances scalability by providing faster transaction processing capabilities, ensuring smoother and more efficient in-app transactions within the Runic Chain ecosystem

Sovereign rollups on Bitcoin with Rollkit

Rollkit is a modular framework for rollups, where developers can plug-in custom execution layers and data availability layers. Bitcoin implementation of a Bitcoin data availability module for Rollkit. Sovereign rollups manage their own execution and settlement while offloading consensus and data availability to Bitcoin


RUNIC is the native governance token for the Runic blockchain. Holders of RUNIC tokens can transfer value, vote on governance decisions, and participate in the Runic ecosystem

  • Name: Runic Chain
  • Decimals: 18
  • Symbols: RUNIC
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000

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